Off-The-Road (OTR) Tires & Service

loader rock truck atriculated dump truck, mobile crane

Joe The Tire Guy has been providing OTR tire sales & service since 2005 for our Vancouver lower mainland area customers.

Our team can help you determine the best tires for your needs to keep your Off-The-Road / OTR tires in top condition. Our construction tires work as hard as you do. We offer mobile service to minimize unexpected equipment downtime. Our experienced and professional mobile tire services will ensure you are running again –FAST!


Front End Loader Tires

loader tires

Selecting to correct tread pattern for your loader application is critical.

  • Do you may need a tires that spends most of their time on pavement and hard-packed surfaces?
  • How about a tire to handle loose dirt or broken rock surfaces?
  • What about snow?

As we purchase directly from all the major manufacturerers, we can offer the best tire for your application and budget.


Rock Trucks / Articulated Dump Truck Tires

rock truck tires articulated dump truck

OTR tires designed for Rock Trucks and Articulated Dump Trucks are used at construction, mining and other sites with no roads. These special need tires must be durable and heat tolerant for long-term use. Off-the-road tires offer substantial support for machinery used at various civil engineering sites, including ultra-large dump trucks, earth and gravel at mining and dam construction sites, bulldozers for earth removal and graders for road construction and snow removal.

Our Tires:

  • Deliver premium damage protection and durability
  • Provide control and perfect grip on sand, rock, gravel or soil
  • Low rolling resistance to keep machine fuel consumption low


Container Handler Tires

container handler tires

Pnuematic Container Handler tires are typically recommended for heavy forklift trucks, reach stackers, empty container handlers & top loader and generally heavy load transport vehicles.


  • Deep tread heavy duty radial construction for container handler applications
  • Strong resistance to puncture and sidewall damage
  • Features extra-long life, thanks to a unique tread compound and smooth wear due to optimized contact pressure
  • Industrial Application compound and construction


Mobile Crane Tires

mobile crane tires

Specially engineered for use in mobile crane applications, our Mobile Crane Tires are well suited for high speed use. Many feature a non-directional tread pattern that reduces road noise. Assymetrical lug tread pattern provides outstanding traction, and road stability. Heat resistant rubber compound reduces tire damage and downtime.

Primarily Road-use

  • Large footprint and square shoulders
  • Reinforced sidewalls


  • Precise handling
  • Lower noise
  • Longer tire life
  • Increased resistance to sidewall damage

Job site & off-road

  • Large footprint and square shoulders
  • Aggressive, non-directional tread design


  • Good adherence and even wear
  • Longer tire life

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